About Us

Hi, I'm Norma from Elemenix: welcome! I've always been interested in dresses,especially basic styles,but since branded clothing is expensive,we wanted to make our own and share it with others.

I started Elemenix in 2022 Winter,initially due to lack of funds I built a very basic website.Later,I found some like-minded young designers, and gradually developed to the present.

In total there are only 10 of us based in Santa Clara,California.We don't use a call center or distribution center,everything is done in house. 

Our goal is to create our own unique brand that appeals to beautiful women with a consistent aesthetic.We expect more people to see and support our clothing brand.

Looking to collaborate with us? Send an email to support@mail.elemenix.com. Let us know about your brand, your partnership vision and why we should work together. We will be in touch if we think it’s a good fit.